Give me books, fruit, french wine and fine weather and a little music out of doors. --John Keats

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Goodbye

A fond adieu to Lyn and Barry Blackmon, founding members of the First Saturday Book Club. The world has lost two wonderful people. You are remembered and you will be missed.

I wish I had a picture of Lyn and Barry together. All I could find was this one of Lyn (in the white shirt), but at least she's in her "natural environment," surrounded by books.

I'll never know what Lyn was actually saying when this photo was snapped, but judging by the book she's holding, I might have to guess that she was saying something about how handsome JFK Jr was, and what a shame it was that he had to die so young. (That's what I would have been saying, anyway).

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