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Monday, March 14, 2011

"What-the-Dickens: The Story of a Rogue Tooth Fairy" by Gregory Maguire

My experience with Gregory Maguire has been somewhat hit-or-miss, but as it's been more hit than miss, I was happy to give What-the-Dickens a try when Lydia told me the Kindle version was selling for cheap.

I must say this story couldn't have been more different from the other tooth fairy book I read. It's also quite a departure for Maguire (judging by the three of his that I'm familiar with, anyway). It's a fairy tale without any Grimm elements and, really, a very mild story throughout.

It begins with shades of The Island at the End of the World. A small family group is isolated by an apocalyptic storm, and its effects are slowly revealed throughout the book. But the resemblance doesn't go any further than that.

The tooth fairy bit is worked in as a tale told by Gage, the adult in charge, to keep the minds of the children off of the frightening storm. The story he tells is imaginative, and it leaves the reader with a nice little "could it be true?" feeling. But if you know Maguire and you're looking for the weird, the wild, or the nasty, you won't find it here.

For what it is, it's a sweet little story. I bet Bookworm Child would love it.


Lesa said...

I've not been too wild about his books and didn't plan to read anymore but this sounds worth checking out-- I like kiddie books.

Have you seen our new linky party Bargain Book Bonanza? Cheap kindle books count too-- Tracy will be posting some of her ebook deals. You are welcome to link up and party with us anytime.

Kathy said...

Oh, dear, I've been too lazy to link to your linky party. :( But I do hope you enjoy What-the-Dickens if you give it a try! As it turns out, it didn't grab Stacia. But since you're not 7, you'll probably like it more. :)