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Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Keep the Devil Dancing" by Tom Wright

This is the third of four unpublished manuscripts by Dr. Tom Wright. It frames the second Wright novel I read, What Dies in Summer, by focusing on Jim's Aunt Rachel in her childhood and then during the aftermath of Summer.

Rachel spends most of the book reliving old wrongs in her memories of a tainted childhood, but the story ends with a promise of renewal and a sense that Rachel has the strength to overcome the sins of the fathers she has borne for years. Once again, as with Wright's other novels, there is a thread of mystery entwined in the story.

This is not the photo I would have chosen to go with the book, but it's the closest thing I could find. It evokes the nostalgia of youth and the grass-withering heat of Texas, but it's not hard to imagine there could be evil hidden within the idyllic scene.

The picture in my mind shows a young girl swimming in a pond during the heat of summer, her horse tethered nearby. Her back is turned, but she's just been startled by a noise from the path behind her. Oooh! Wouldn't you like to know what made the noise!

If you missed my posts about the first two manuscripts I previewed, you can find them by clicking on the Tom Wright label below.


Coffee and a Book Chick said...

Part of the fun with a book blog is trying to find a picture that captures a book we've just read or something to conjure up the images -- and that's also part of the frustration, too! For my The House of Mirth review that I did, I searched in vain for a vintage photo of NYC in the 1900s of people dressed up to go to an opera or an event, and I couldn't find a thing! But, I think your photo certainly brings to mind a stifling and hot summer, so I like it!

I'm going to hop over to your Tom Wright posts now!

Trisha said...

I get frustrated while trying to find pictures quite often. It makes me wish I had the energy to take my own photos, and the type of friends who would pose for me. :)

Kathy said...

I nearly always use a photo of the book's cover to go with my posts, but since Tom Wright's books haven't been published yet, I couldn't be that lazy this time. I did find it quite fun, like you said, Natalie, to think of what sort of picture would embody the book, but then just like you said, Trisha, it was pretty frustrating to not be able to find anything like what I was looking for. Recently on my wine blog I was looking for an image from the "Purple Cow Vineyards" and google kept giving me a picture of Austin Powers! (?) So . . . I went ahead and used it. ;)